Definitely high quality product. This is how I got mine to read my fingerprint

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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 24, 2022

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This is so much easier than the OG of screen protectors. Having so many issues with the OG screen protectors, I stopped using them until my iPhone 13 got scratches and then decided to explore them again. I would buy this brand again for my other future phones. Delivers potentially flawless results.

I watched a lot of Youtube reviewers (Jabber Tech, EBMann Reviews, Ur AvgConsumer, etc..) and also gained insight from Android Central's article about fingerprint sensor and Reddit. First time, I did, the results were frustrating. The screen protector went on flawless but, the fingerprint reader had many issues. I was determined not to bother and just do without one. The next time, I was better prepared 24 hours later after I used Youtube and Reddit some more to gain insights.

Here is what I did.

Powered down the phone and made sure the display was cool.
After applying do initial process of 15 seconds front, middle and back using UV light.
Remove phone from cradle.
Leave tape on sides but clean off excessive adhesive.
Press and hold where the fingerprint sensor was for 90 seconds. No need to press like you are going through to the bottom of the phone just apply enough force to squish the adhesive.
Press and hold five more times. Just press and release and not hold for 90 seconds.
Do top and bottom 60 seconds using the UV light.
Press where fingerprint sensor is few more times using press and release.
Do top and bottom 60 seconds using UV light.
Press where fingerprint sensor is press and release a few more times.
Leave phone off for the next 60 minutes and every 15 minutes go back and press and hold where fingerprint sensor is a few more times.
Power phone back on. Fingerprint might still have issues.
Go to settings and select Add Fingerprint and go through process. Might be awkward to get it to register so be patient and use edges of thumbs, center and top to get through it.
Try it again. Might still be awkward but be patient.
About an hour later it magically worked.
Oddly enough, licking my thumb or breathing on my thumb makes it work when it has issues.

24 hours later and all seems to be working fine. I had registered my left and right thumbs and right index finger before I had applied the screen protector. I only redid my right thumb after I applied the screen protector. As of now, all the fingers that I had registered before and after the application all work. When it stumbles I just breath on my finger or lick it and it works flawlessly.

I will update if things change but so far so good.



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